Jewel Series

Jewel Series

If you think finding the right spa is like finding a diamond in the rough – then you will love the Jewel series by QCA Spas!

Jewel Series spas are very popular because of their innovative designs, varied hydrotherapy seating options and other high end features. If you are looking for a smaller spa built for 2-3, then you will love the Amethyst – a best-selling spa in many countries.

 Looking for a family size party spa? Then the Moonstone Plus 3 shines as a spacious spa with seating for 8, featuring a cascading waterfall, foot massage dome and 82 massage jets.

 Looking for something in-between? Then check out the other Jewels to find the best size for your needs.

All of our hot tubs feature the advanced technology and energy saving features you expect from QCA Spas, along with U.L. approval for peace of mind.

Amethyst Amethyst Plus
Cozumel Plus Ruby Plus
Ruby Plus 2 Topaz Plus
Topaz Plus 2  Coral Plus 3
Garnet Plus 3 Moonstone Plus 3
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