Hard Covers



This lightweight spa cover is a perfect replacement for the budget shopper.  This cover is made with a high marine grade vinyl and tapers from 4″ at the center to 2″ at the edge. Aluminum C-Channel is installed on both sides of hinge for added strength. This cover is rated R-19. The polystyrene foam inserts are heat sealed in seven millimeter plastic. Double thick wrapping of foam inserts are available at an additional charge. Twelve different colors are available.  We stock teak and light grey and all other colors are an additional charge.




  • 4″>2″ Tapered First Line Foam Board
  • Heavy Aluminum C-Channel At Hinge
  • Foam Inserts Heat Sealed in 7 Mil Moisture Barrier
  • 29 Ounce Marine Grade Vinyl Exterior
  • 100% Polyester Backing
  • 37 Pound Overall Weight
  • R-19 Insulating Value
  • Available in Twelve Colors
  • Double Reinforced Hinge Area
  • Limited Warranty
  • 4 Child Proof Locking Tie Downs
  • 2 Double Reinforced Cover Handles
  • Bromide & Anti-Mildew Treated
  • Bonded Dacron Polyester Fiber Thread
  • 2 Polystyrene Steam Stoppers at Each End of Hinge
  • Underwriter Laboratory Approved
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